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      As you can see in the picture here are my current

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      Diablols Reaper of Souls (click here to watch and

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      I found some Zuni boots last night

       My Crusader
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      So, Just noticed I never created a Crusader threa

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      Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Uber Diablo First look

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      Diablo 3 PTR 2.0.1 Crafting - Mats, Cost, and Upgr

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Upcoming Loot Hotfixes--Post by Travis Day

Apr 09, 2014 - 7:28 PM - by Karieo
Hey all,

A series of hotfixes will be deployed today making more adjustments to overall reward structures within the game.

I wanted to take a minute to explain the reasons for the changes that we are making. A driving goal of our design has been to make killing monsters feel rewarding, we want you all to find tons of cool items that you are excited about but more importantly we want you to have fun while doing it.

Rifts have always been intended to be the most efficient play method in the game, currently they aren’t for a number of reasons. Part of this has to do with the high level of efficiency in farming that players find doing things like farming Manglemaw, Razorclaw and any other number of unique monsters. Another contributing element is that farming chests without having to actually fight monsters is far more effective than actually fighting the monsters. It is very important to us that chests are exciting to find and feel rewarding but presently they are far too common and reliable to farm in certain areas of the game.

Finally Kadala, she has always been intended to give players some degree of control over their item upgrades. While we don’t want players to simply pick and choose from a list of items at an excessively high cost, we do want you to have an answer to the question “How do I upgrade my boots?” Kadala is meant to be that answer, she is meant to give you some direct control over the types of items you find. Since we are increasing the overall reward structure of the game she is also going to be increasing but by a larger amount than the rest of the changes since she didn't feel rewarding enough to us.

Without further delay here is a list of the changes that will be coming in the hotfix.

The Bad!
Unique monsters now drop less items.
*Uniques were dropping far more loot than their difficulty would warrant.

Chest spawns have been thinned out across all acts of the game.
*Ideally chests become less common and something that players can’t flip games to farm. It is our goal to make them feel exciting and rewarding when you find them.

The Good!
The bonus legendary drop rate for rifts is being increased from 25% to 100%!
*This means that while in a rift your chance to find a legendary item from monsters, chests, elites, and everything else is double what it is outside of rifts. No this does not mean opening bounty bags in rifts is the new hotness. ;P

Kadala’s legendary drop rate has been significantly increased.
*Blood Shards are meant to be a compelling element of rift rewards and something players are excited to get.

Loot is an incredibly important aspect of Diablo games and we will continue to keep a very close eye on it. If more problems arise we will continue striving to address them. It isn’t our goal to take loot away from people, we just want to make sure they are having as much fun as possible while finding it and these changes all support that goal.

Good hunting and link the loot!

Travis Day
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Patch 2.0.4 now live

Apr 08, 2014 - 10:08 AM - by Lucifer

Diablo III patch 2.0.4 is now live in the Americas. Check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes.
Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 2.0.4 until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is in the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after patch 2.0.4 is live until those regions have also patched.

Diablo III Patch 2.0.4 - v2.0.2.23119

Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues.
Table of Contents


  • Greatly increased the survivability of pets summoned by several items and skills, including:
    • Skycutter
    • Maximus
    • The Gidbinn
    • Genzaniku
    • Litany of the Undaunted
    • Call of the Ancients
    • Falling Sword - Rise Brothers

  • All Town hubs have had the placement of the Nephalem Rift Obelisk, Orek, and Kadala adjusted to help reduce the chance of accidental clicking
  • The Blacksmith's Belongings box in Act I no longer has collision

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  • Barbarian
    • Philosophy
      • Many skills that spend Fury feel great, but when it comes time to generate Fury the single-target options don't feel meaty compared to the generators that can hit more than one target at a time. As a result, we are increasing the potency of those single-target generators to be more competitive.

    • Active Skills
      • Bash
        • Increased base damage from 170% to 215% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Clobber
          • Increased chance to stun for 1.5 seconds from 30% to 35%

        • Skill Rune - Onslaught
          • Increased additional damage from 80% to 100% weapon damage

      • Frenzy
        • Increased base damage from 120% to 155% weapon damage

      • War Cry
        • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue preventing the 5 seconds of paused Fury degeneration after casting War Cry from working.

      • Weapon Throw
        • Increased base damage from 150% to 185% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Mighty Throw
          • Increased damage from 210% to 270% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Throwing Hammer
          • Increased chance to stun from 30% to 40%

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  • Crusader
    • Philosophy
      • Many of the Crusader's Wrath spenders are below where we would like, while Heaven's Fury - Fires of Heaven was over-performing. We are toning back Fires of Heaven while increasing the potency of most of the other Crusader spenders to encourage greater build exploration.
      • The single-target Wrath generator spells, Punish and Justice, don't feel meaty compared to generators that can hit more than one target at a time. As a result, we are increasing the potency of Punish and Justice to be more competitive.
      • We are making a few adjustments to improve Steed Charge. The cooldown and duration of the skill have both been reduced. Overall, this makes the total uptime for the skill slightly higher and, more importantly, you'll be able to hit the button more often. We're removing the ability for Steed Charge to break stuns, which allows us to focus on Steed Charge being primarily a mobility skill that can still get you out of root effects, such as Jailer. We still want Steed Charge to be useful in combat, so we're also increasing the damage on damage-focused runes.

    • General
      • Crusaders now take 15% less damage from all sources

    • Active Skills
      • Akarat's Champion
        • Skill Rune - Rally
          • Fixed an issue where Rally would not reduce the cooldown of Condemn

      • Blessed Hammer
        • Skill Rune - Burning Wrath
          • Increased radius from 5 to 8 yards
          • Increased pool damage from 95% to 150% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Icebound Hammer
          • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Icebound Hammer wasn't chilling enemies
          • Icebound Hammer no longer goes away when exploding

      • Blessed Shield
        • Increased base skill damage from 280% to 340% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Combust
          • Increased damage from 105% to 270% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Shattering Throw
          • Increased damage from 50% to 333% weapon damage
            • Known Issue: The tooltip for this skill rune does not reflect this change

      • Fist of the Heavens
        • Increased base skill's impact damage from 250% to 340% weapon damage
        • Increased base skill's bolt damage from 210% to 340% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Divine Well
          • Increased damage from 14% to 80% weapon damage
          • Increased bolt zap search radius from 12 to 18 yards

        • Skill Rune - Fissure
          • Increased area of effect damage from 80% to 400% weapon damage over 5 seconds
          • Increased Arc capsule damage radius from 3 to 6 yards

        • Skill Rune - Heaven's Tempest
          • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Heaven's Tempest was not moving around in its intended pattern

      • Heaven's Fury
        • Skill Rune - Fires of Heaven
          • Reduced damage from 950% to 735% weapon damage

      • Justice
        • Increased base skill damage from 175% to 240% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Burst
          • Increased damage from 25% to 30% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Hammer of Pursuit
          • Hammer of Pursuit now seeks targets more quickly after cast
          • Increased damage from 200% to 300% weapon damage

      • Phalanx
        • Increased base skill damage from 295% to 380% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Bowmen
          • Increased damage from 85% to 160% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Bodyguard
          • Increased damage from 200% to 285% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Shield Charge
          • Increased damage from 75% to 180% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Stampede
          • Increased Stun chance from 25% to 30%

      • Punish
        • Increased base skill damage from 200% to 270% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Retaliate
          • Increased damage from 70% to 94% weapon damage

      • Shield Bash
        • Increased base skill damage from 325% to 370% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Crumble
          • Increased on death proc damage from 550% to 660% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Pound
          • Increased damage from 550% to 740% weapon damage
          • Increased bonus damage from shield Block Chance from 150% to 500%

      • Steed Charge
        • Reduced base skill cooldown from 25 to 16 seconds
        • Reduced base skill duration from 2 to 1.5 seconds
        • No longer breaks Stun
        • Skill Rune - Endurance
          • Reduced duration from 3 to 2 seconds

        • Skill Rune - Ramming Speed
          • Increased damage from 475% to 515% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Nightmare
          • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Fire pools were not lasting their full intended duration

        • Skill Rune - Draw and Quarter
          • Increased damage from 125% to 185% weapon damage

      • Sweep Attack
        • Increased base damage from 400% to 440% weapon damage

    • Passive Skills
      • Lord Commander
        • Now reduces the cooldown of Steed Charge by 25% and Bombardment by 35%

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  • Demon Hunter
    • Philosophy
      • Many skills that spend Hatred feel great, but when it comes time to generate Hatred the single-target options don't feel meaty compared to the generators that can hit more than one target at a time. As a result, we are increasing the potency of a few single-target generators to be more competitive.

    • Active Skills
      • Evasive Fire
        • Increased base middle shot damage from 160% to 200% weapon damage
        • Increased base side shot damage from 80% to 100% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Covering Fire
          • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug causing the side shot damage to be lower than the amount listed
          • Increased the damage of the side shots from 160% to 200% weapon damage
          • Increased the range of the side shots from 50% to 80% to match the range of the middle shot

      • Hungering Arrow
        • Increased base damage from 125% to 155% weapon damage

      • Sentry
        • Skill Rune - Guardian Turret
          • The damage reduction from this rune will now be reflected in the Toughness display

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  • Monk
    • Philosophy
      • Monks are working as intended and Dashing Strike is perfectly balanced.
      • There are no Monk changes at this time. Monks are currently in a fairly comfortable place, but as with all aspects of the game, we will continue to monitor them and make changes as needed.

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  • Witch Doctor
    • Philosophy
      • The Witch Doctor was lacking good options for when they were low on Mana. A lack of attractive Signature spells results in builds primarily focused on sustaining Mana for long periods of time. We are increasing the potency of a few single-target Signature spells to be more competitive so that there are still aggressive options while waiting for Mana to regenerate.
      • Haunt has received some changes to provide a low-Mana option as well as to emphasize options for a damage-over-time (DOT) play style.

    • Active Skills
      • Poison Dart
        • Increased base skill damage from 155% + 40% to 185% + 40% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Splinters
          • Increased damage from 65% to 105% weapon damage per dart

        • Skill Rune - Spined Dart
          • Increased amount of Mana returned from 25 to 50

        • Skill Rune - Flaming Dart
          • Increased damage from 275% to 425% weapon damage over 4 seconds
          • Damage over time from Flaming Dart can now stack with itself

        • Skill Rune - Snake to the Face
          • Stun chance increased from 25% to 33%-35%

      • Corpse Spiders
        • Increased base skill damage from 216% to 324% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Leaping Spiders
          • Increased damage from 238% to 383% weapon damage

        • Skill Rune - Blazing Spiders
          • Increased damage from 259% to 400% weapon damage

      • Firebomb
        • Skill Rune - Pyrogeist
          • Increased damage from 560% to 880% weapon damage

      • Haunt
        • Reduced Mana cost from 200 to 50
        • Increased base skill damage from 1465% over 6 seconds to 4000% over 12 seconds

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  • Wizard
    • Philosophy
      • Two skills on the Wizard, Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb and Electrocute, have bugs with their implementation. Unfortunately, these bug fixes do have the side effect of weakening these skills. Ultimately, this brings these skills back in line with other Wizard skills, which is why we chose to implement these fixes.
      • Teleport is receiving some changes to allow it to work in more situations. The range is being increased overall for each cast of Teleport. As a result, the Wormhole rune is receiving a reduction in the number of successive casts that can be completed. Previously, you could cover 140 yards in 4 casts and now you can cover 150 yards in 3 casts. Overall, this is a buff.

    • Active Skills
      • Arcane Orb
        • Frozen Orb
          • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Frozen Orb was chilling for longer than intended
          • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Frozen Orb bonus damage radius was hitting a larger area than intended

      • Electrocute
        • Skill Rune - Surge of Power
          • Reduced proc scalar from 0.25 to 0.166

      • Teleport
        • Increased range from 35 to 50 yards
        • Skill Rune - Wormhole
          • Reduced maximum allowed teleports from 4 to 3

    • Passive Skills
      • Arcane Dynamo
        • Bug Fix: Arcane Dynamo now properly grants bonus damage to channeled spells

      • Prodigy
        • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Electrocute was granting double the intended amount of Arcane Power when used with Prodigy

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  • The Nephalem Obelisks now have a short cast time before they activate
  • Nephalem Rifts
    • Adjusted the potential layouts for Sewer and Aqueduct style dungeons to include more randomized options

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Reaper of weekends: +50% bonus xp this friday thru monday

Apr 04, 2014 - 10:16 AM - by Lucifer
Over 1.5 million players around the world have stopped Death since Reaper of Souls™ launched last Tuesday, March 25. To celebrate this achievement and help support your ongoing crusade against the forces of evil, all nephalem who log into Diablo III this weekend will receive a +50% bonus to XP! This bonus XP period begins in the Americas region tonight, April 4 at 5:00 p.m. PDT and ends on Monday, April 7 at 5:00 a.m. PDT.
Thank you so much for being a hero of Sanctuary. We hope you have fun this weekend, and we'll see you in Westmarch!


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Chat with friends in the battle.net® desktop app

Apr 03, 2014 - 9:24 PM - by Karieo

Friend request accepted! You can now chat with your Battle.net friends directly through the desktop app for Battle.net.

To get started, simply look for the Friends icon in the upper-right of Battle.net the next time you log in. Clicking the icon will open up your Battle.net friends list, where you’ll be able to see their status and access a number of handy communication tools, including:

-Chat with Battle.net friends. Open a chat window on your desktop. Your messages will show up in any Blizzard game your friend happens to be playing at the time.

-Send and accept friend requests. Click the Add a Friend button and enter your friend’s BattleTag or email address to send them a friend request, or use the new People You May Know list. You can also right-click a friend’s name for more options.

-Add Favorite Friends. Drag a friend’s name to the new Favorites section of your friends list, keeping your closest friends even closer.

To customize the in-app Friends features, click the gear-shaped icon in your Friends list, or select Settings > Friends & Chat from the main menu. From there you'll be able to set which of your friends' activities trigger pop-up notifications (toasts), determine how chat messages appear, and more.
Battle.net Social Features Mini-FAQ:

Q. Can I change my online status through Battle.net?
Yes, you can change your status to Online, Busy, or Away directly through the app, and your status will be reflected in all of the games you’re playing. In addition, if you update your status in-game, it will be reflected back in Battle.net.

Q. If my friend is playing multiple games, will they receive my message in every game?
Yes, any message you send through the Battle.net desktop app will appear in the app along with any game that your friend is playing on Battle.net at the time. You can further configure how messages are displayed through Battle.net's Settings > Friends & Chat menu.

Q. Does Battle.net support chatting with game-specific friends (e.g. character friends in World of Warcraft or character friends in Diablo II) or World of Warcraft guild chat?
The Battle.net desktop app only supports direct chat with BattleTag and Real ID friends. If a character friend from World of Warcraft or Diablo III attempts to message you, you will not receive any notification in the Battle.net app—just in-game.

Q. What are the different ways I can add friends via the app?
When you click Add a Friend, you’ll be presented with the option to send friend requests by BattleTag, by Real ID (email address), or via a new People You May Know list. The suggestions on the People You May Know List are all friends of your existing friends, sorted by how many mutual pals you already share. To manually search for potential friends you might know, you can right-click an existing friend’s name and select View Friends, and then send friend requests from there.

Q.Can I manage how I appear on other players’ Friend of Friends or People You May Know list?
Yes—if you're using Real ID and would prefer to instead have your BattleTag displayed on Friends of Friends or People You May Know lists, you can do so through Battle.net’s Privacy settings. First, click the gear-shaped icon in your Friends list, and select Privacy Settings to go to Battle.net account management. Next, uncheck the Show my Real ID on Friends of Friends lists option and click Submit. This will make it so your BattleTag is displayed when other players view Friends of Friends lists or People You May Know lists. If you no longer wish to be friends with someone, you can right-click their name and select Remove Friend—this will make it so your names and statuses will no longer appear in each others’ friends list and Now Playing list.

Q. Can I report someone for misconduct through the app?
If you receive an unwanted friend request, you can report it and/or block further communication from that player by clicking the ! icon in the pending request box. To report a friend who’s behaving inappropriately, right-click a friend’s name, and click Report. You’ll then be able to select the reason from a drop-down and provide additional details on the why you’re reporting the player.

Q. Are you making any changes to the Now Playing list?
In addition to displaying which friends are currently playing the game you’ve selected, you’re now able to click on a friend’s name in the Now Playing list to start chatting with them.

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Diablo III Reaper of Souls Review

Apr 03, 2014 - 2:19 PM - by Lucifer
Hello Everyone,

This review is of Diablo III Reaper of Souls

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	6DIHKAXFU4QK1376700753421.jpg 
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Size:	53.8 KB 
ID:	136

Trying to be completely unbiased can be a challenge, I've played the Diablo Series since 1997, right after Diablo I was released, I was also older then most gamers at the time at almost 27.
I was never an online player of the game as I never had good enough internet connection for it to be worth it, back then, Dialup AOL and Diablo over top, ~Shudders~

Because of this I never got into the PVP anomaly that you see today and did during Diablo II. I realize people love it and want to try it, but I don't have the huge fascination with it.

I'm going to start this review with some things I do not like, mainly changes between Diablo III and its predecessors, dont get me wrong, I love Diablo III and RoS but feel this needs to be mentioned so you know I am being unbiased.

1st: Skills assignments
The Skill Tree from Diablo I and II were "to me" phenomenal, being able to assign skills where we wanted, made for thousands of build types (as long as you could find the gear to accommodate) is one of the major portions I loved about the game. This was changed in Diablo III, Err, Removed and auto placement of skills makes for far fewer build types and forces a gear hunt that is/was even more important then in previous Diablo games.

2nd: Open areas,
In Diablo I and II the areas where fighting took place, seemed more vast, there are a few larger places in Diablo III but they are few and far between, and for the most part you have paths to take as opposed to vast open spaces.

3rd: Endless Dungeons, I hear rumor that this will be in a future patch but should have been in the game to begin with not 2 years after he fact.

4th: PVP,
See comments above, should have been in game, especially as this was a seriously touted portion of the game, even showing it at Blizzcon.

A Serious improvement

Despite the success of Diablo III, many fans were disappointed. There was a lot of complaints, I'll name a few, Loot quality, (seeing Rare more powerful than Legendaries or even Set items), Character progression, see Skill Assignments above, Implementation of the Auction House with its major issues.

Having said that, I used the Auction House, not the RMAH but the GAH, not as much as some but I am not going to lie, I used it (Probably more than I should have) I have a life, a job, a family, so, trying to progress on 10 maybe 15 hours a week is hard.
Over a short period of time from Diablo III release to RoS release, I noticed that a lot of my friends were leaving the game.
Blizzard needed to do something to improve the game. Outside of patches here and there, they were obviously working on something in the background and were being hush hush about it.

Then we heard it, an expansion pack, will I be interested, will my friends be interested, will it be enough to bring back jaded Diablo fans?

Diablo III Reaper of Souls, or DIII RoS releases March 25, 2014

Then the big bang, Auction House is closing, HUH? Ouch! While I did not use it as much as some, I did use it and it hurt to hear this.
Then, the even bigger bang, BoA Bound on Account, Dang!! WTF
Not all, but a huge amount of the Diablo community went up in arms, thinking about the ramifications of third party sites and gold / item selling, I understand why they did it, but... alot of the community disagreed with this course of action.
What this means you have to earn your gear and loot. Progressing will be much slower for the likes of me, (the after hours and weekend warrior). Don't get me wrong, I personally totally understand but, seeing all my friends progress much faster and farther is a bit of a bummer.
A things to note is this affects RoS players as well as D3 Vanilla players so essentially not a part of this review other than just a note for all.

Now, lets start hitting some of the major additions and changes from D3V to RoS

Act V:
The first addition that Reaper of Souls brings is a new Act (The Fall of Westmarche. Functioning as Act V of the game itself), it takes place after D3V ends. The First thing I did with my friends, Karieo, Harvester and Abacabb was start up my Demon Hunter (My first love, as it is close to the Assassin of Diablo II, the first Char I created and leveled to 60 at D3 release), and waited patiently for RoS to go live. We noted the change over as RoS went live and it was seamless, no hiccups or Server crashes that were noted during the Diablo III release, The Act starts off intensely, as the former Archangel Mathael (now, The Angel of Death) is attempting to suck the life of everything in Westmarche. The fights were amazing, you could definitely tell the monsters were leveling with us. We started at 9:00 PDT as Blizzard said it would, and I played with my friends until 2:00 AM, hitting level 69 before I said, I need sleep, had to work the next day.
It is dark, like Diablo II, love it, it feels much more vast, it took 5 hours to get through it, granted this was the first play through and we watched every cinematic and hit every NPC for story line.

New NPC's:
You'll battle a slew of new monsters and Demons like Wraiths. You'll meet a new vendor (Myriam the Mystic). Myriam can customize pieces of equipment to look like other gear (transmogrification), or re-roll certain stats on existing gear. These changes will not make equipment godly but can definitely boost your character some. If you are reading this, and have no level 70 characters, hold off on re-rolling until you get level 70 gear because you'll be upgrading and replacing soon enough.

Level cap:
Blizzard has raised the cap from 60 to 70. With the new cap you'll get new abilities, passives, and runes, and thus, more chances for customization. Although the cookie cutter problem I mentioned above from Diablo III still exists, I think the new options bring a more to the table. In addition to more skills to choose from, Blizzard added Paragon points, which is going to help alot with diversity in builds.

Loot 2.0:
Loot 2.0 is a vast improvement in a lot of ways, finally seeing gear drop that are improvements on a regular basis as opposed to (hours of grinding for a 1% health increase but only if I want to loose 5% DPS) Loot 1 where it never happened for this weekend warrior.

I'm torn on this, I understand limitations to trading, but only being able to trade with people you played with you and only a 2 hour window to do it is rough, say Karieo and I play for 5 hours straight and do not want to stop every time something drops to see if either of us could use it, we'd be stopping every 10 minutes, this really slows game progression down a lot.

Blizzard removed removal of Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno modes. No more to you have to beat every difficulty to get to the next one and beat it to get to the next, you can just change it to Normal, Hard, or Expert right out of the gate. You get huge bonuses the higher you go, which is nice for those wanting a challenge out of the gate. If its to hard just exit out and lower the difficulty.

Once you get one Char to level 70, You can change from Campaign mode to Adventure mode, Bounties are tasks over the course of every act, this tasks force you to kill certain bosses or enemies. You'll earn Blood Shards for your trouble, which are a new currency that can net you powerful loot in the form of randomized Horadric Caches, which when opened drop tons of loot, gold, and possible awesome gear.

Essentially are randomized areas to create new experiences. Enemies and bosses are randomized.

Both Bounties and Rifts go a long way in preventing repetitive tasks like Crypt of the Ancient or COA runs and the like.

New class:
Crusader, It's very similar to the Barbarian in that it is a Strength based class, so it can use most of the same Gear, though there are some Barb Specific and Crusader Specific, most are interchangeable. It is more defense minded and Holy in nature so it reminds most Diablo players of the Paladin from Diablo II. It has lots of shield-based skills, and some holy powers like a spirit hammer that make it a more caster-like. The more you attack, the more defense it creates so it an obvious choice when tanking tough bosses.

I'm still working on leveling my Crusader, I'm up to 56 now, but, I love this Character, she's not my favorite but I am thoroughly enjoying every bit it playing her. I look forward to seeing where I can take her and where Blizzard with take her, between buffing, nerfing and over all Tweaking.

Over all, I think Reaper of Souls is a huge step in the right direction over Diablo III Vanilla and anxiously wait to see what happens next, (Will there be another xPac? Where will they go from here, the ending cinematic definitely left it open for "Demise of the Nephalem". Just kidding about the name, just made it up. Watch the Cinematic and you'll see where I got it.

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Ready, Set, Fight! Introducing Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished

Apr 01, 2014 - 11:43 AM - by Blue
Blizzard's Blue Has Just Posted the Following:

They've felt the cold steel of your blade so often, the pain it brings has become a comfort to them. They've watched their masterful schemes brought to ruin time and time again, and yet "surrender"*remains the one line they refuse to cross. The luck they've had would make any good man bad, but still they keep going, unwavering, undeterred.They’re not your traditional heroes. They are survivors. They are fighters. They are Outcasts!*And now, finally, it's their time to shine.*

We are proud to announce our latest project, Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished, a fighting game for a new generation.Assume the mantle of our game universes'*most infamous antiheroes, bring the pain to your enemies with insanely powerful special moves, and show the world which Outcast reigns supreme!Visit the official announcement website now!

Download the wallpaper

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Ascend to Victory with Happy Reaper™

Apr 01, 2014 - 8:04 AM - by Blue
The next next chapter in Sanctuary's epic saga has been unveiled. Summon your sickles, put on your pointy hood, and get ready for Happy Reaper™ —the definitive Diablo experience coming soon to web and mobile!
What is Happy Reaper?

In Happy Reaper, players take on the role of Malthael, the Angel of Death, who's recently returned to Sanctuary with a vengeance. With a series of well-timed mouse clicks or finger taps, you'll skillfully guide Malthael through a network of ancient Pandemonium ruins to collect human souls and obliterate all puny nephalem with your trusty Death Laser of Doom™.
Easy, right? WRONG. Happy Reaper is probably the most challenging Blizzard game you've ever played. It's incredibly difficult to learn and almost impossible to master!
Feature Highlights:

  • Robust, interactive storytelling allows every choice to matter in Happy Reaper. Will Malthael ascend to victory or fall into oblivion? Only you decide!
  • New Tapright™ technology captures your clicks and taps better than ever, offering unparalleled responsiveness and absolutely no scapegoat for your imminent failure.
  • An all-new, fully loaded soundscape stimulates your senses and helps you reduce stress, improve sleep, and lose weight *.
  • Experience the WHOOSH of every ghostly wing flap and the POW of every laser beam blast with our proprietary Dia-Bling™ FX engine.
  • Larger-than-life in-game collision system provides exceptional (and increasingly difficult) levels of challenge.

Bursting with rich gameplay depth, hidden difficulty modes, and the most spectacular end-game content we've ever seen **, Happy Reaper offers limitless hours of frustration enjoyment for any aspiring harbinger of death.

Can't wait to get your hands on Happy Reaper? (Who said patience was a virtue?) Test your mettleRIGHT HERE on our website with an exclusive first look of the in-browser client.
Also, be sure to stay tuned to diablo3.com for additional details about Happy Reaper including upcoming beta tests, supported browsers and mobile devices, release date and pre-order opportunities, and much more. In the meantime, happy reaping!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
**Or at least that we're told. We haven’t actually made it past pillar #4. Let us know how it goes!


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Enhance your experience with the blizzard® ar viewer

Mar 28, 2014 - 11:26 AM - by Lucifer

Players who've already explored their Collector's Edition goodies may have noticed a small note in the back of the official Reaper of Souls™ art book referencing a mysterious new app called the Blizzard® AR Viewer.
So, what is the Blizzard AR Viewer, where can you get download the app, and how does it work? Read on below for all the delicious details!

What is the Blizzard AR Viewer?

The Blizzard AR Viewer is a free mobile application that interacts with select pages of the official Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition art book. This fun app allow players to take their viewing experience to the next level by bringing a series of exclusive images in the book to life through the magic of augmented reality and animation!

Where to Download the App:

Before you can explore these hidden art book treasures, you'll first need to download the Blizzard AR Viewer on your favorite iOS® or Android™ device. The app is available on the following platforms in all regions where the Apple® App Store™ and Google Play™ are available:

  • Apple iOS
    • Recommended devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 3, iPad 4
    • Minimum requirements: iPad 2, iPhone 4

  • Android
    • Recommended devices: Any Android 4.0 device or above

The Blizzard AR Viewer is completely free, so just select your preferred platform above, download the application, and you’re ready to go! (Please note that an active internet connection will be required to use the app itself.)

How it Works:

Using the Blizzard AR Viewer is quick and easy. Just fire up the app on your supported mobile device, point, and scan!

When navigating through the Reaper of Souls art book, be sure to keep an eye out for this Malthael-inspired icon on several of its pages. The icon indicates bonus content is available that's compatible with the AR app.

Test Drive the Blizzard AR Viewer Today!

No Collector's Edition? No problem! To try out the app, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Visit this link and download the PDF (also available below).
  2. Print out a color or black & white copy of each image.
  3. Use the Blizzard AR Viewer to scan the image with your device.



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Welcome to reaper of souls™

Mar 25, 2014 - 3:27 PM - by Lucifer

I do hope you have been making the best of your time, nephalem, because the sands in your hourglass have run out. The time has come for my master to sweep clean the streets of Westmarch, and your feeble efforts will mean little against our inevitable tide.
Today marks the arrival of Reaper of Souls™, and though there is much to explore and possibly aid you on your futile quest, I expect you to achieve little more than a swift and painful demise.

Fresh Blood

- The Crusader -

Taking on Death itself requires more than flashy spells, endless ammunition, and brute strength. If you are not confident in your current skills, perhaps you should look at other endeavors. Though I doubt the layers of armor and power of your feeble Light will stand against my blade, it is, perhaps, a good place to start.

The Crusader is the latest nephalem to challenge my lord. If you feel up to the task, you may consider taking up a flail and shield. But be advised—the path of the Crusader is a demanding one, and plotting out your skills and learning as much as possible about your Order would be wise. Catching you unawares would make my job far too easy.

Welcome to Death's Lair

- Exploring Act V -

The siege has already begun, and you, my dear heroes, are late to the party. Challenge my brothers and sisters in Westmarch if you dare, but be aware—we will not fall easily.

Doubtful as your success may be, Malthael lies far beyond the city's walls and you will have to traverse the deadly Blood Marsh before catching even a glimpse of possible victory. If it comes to pass that you find yourself face to face with my master on forgotten and distant battlefields, well… I wish you the best of luck. You will need it.

Train Up

- Beyond Level 60 -

Fortunately for you, it seems the time has come to shed your current constraints and grow further in power. Though it matters not, reaching the exalted 70th level of experience offers powers beyond your wildest imaginations. New skills are available for each brave warrior who rises to the challenge, and I dare say these impressive feats might provide a smidgen of advantage.

But do not take my word alone, as you may wish to try Avalanche, Vengeance, Epiphany, Piranhas, andBlack Hole for yourselves. I wholeheartedly advise becoming intimately familiar with these skills before employing them—I do not require further reason to regard you as fools.

Beyond Death’s Grasp

- Adventure Mode -

Hypothetically speaking, let us imagine for a moment you surpass all odds and save the world. What is a hero who has defeated the embodiment of Death to do? An infinite wealth of challenges lie beyond my master's defeat, should you prove worthy. That traitorous Tyrael might have the odd job or two for you, and ancient tales speak of challenges meant only for the most powerful of nephalem.

Of course, that would not be you, so I would not concern yourselves with such hearsay.

Get All the Help You Can Get

- The Mystic -

It is unavoidable that you will struggle along your journey. Somehow, fate has looked kindly upon your unfortunate soul and guided the powerful Mystic to cross your path. Myriam is a stubborn ant who will not be stomped, despite my best efforts. Find her, and she may be grateful enough to enchant your equipment with more powerful abilities.

Of course, arrogant nephalem like you may find little need for more power, and instead may partake in frivolities such as ensuring your boots match your shoulder pads. Luckily, the Mystic will humor you in such ridiculous endeavors... for the appropriate coin.

No One Can Stop Death

- But You’re Welcome to Try -

I do hope my insights have proven helpful, adventurers. Whilst it is fated we meet one another on the battlefield, understand that my advice comes not from a place of good will. You are, after all, standing in opposition to my dear Angel of Death, and I am nothing if not a devoted servant.

Fare thee well, nephalem. I look forward to claiming your soul.


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Death awaits – reaper of souls™ is now live!

Mar 25, 2014 - 3:20 PM - by Lucifer

Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom, vanished long ago. He now returns as the Angel of Death, seizing the Black Soulstone and unleashing his macabre forces on the historic city of Westmarch. But for what purpose?
Only you, mighty nephalem, can unlock this mystery and put a stop to the coming apocalypse. Gather your strength and rally your allies—the crusade against Death itself has begun.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™ is now live in the Americas and available in a store near you! For more information about this dark and terrifying new chapter in Sanctuary's history, be sure to read the official press release[link], visit the Reaper of Souls website, and check out our newly-updated Game Guide. And, if you haven't already, upgrade now to take Act V by storm.


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